Oregon Mountain Community Update on COVID-19

Posted by Riley F. on Mar 16th 2020

To the OMCgear Community,

As we all deal with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to give our customers and other partners an update on our response and plans going forward.

We here at Oregon Mountain Community are closely following current CDC as well as state and local guidelines. As we are a strictly online only business, we will remain open for the immediate future. We have and will continue to take all precautions and have implemented policies to protect the health of our employees and customers.

We are going to keep open our in-store pickup option. Please call customer service (numbers provided below) to arrange any in-store pick-ups. You can check our shipping policy page at www.omcgear.com/shipping for further information.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach us at 503-227-1038 or at 1-800-538-3604. You can also reach out via email to customerservice@omcgear.com. Obviously this is a fast-moving and changing situation. We will announce any updates via email, the OMCgear Blog, Facebook, and/or Instagram as needed.

The word “Community” in our name says everything about how we feel. We’re all a community, and we’re all in this together. Look out for each other, and stay safe. We’ll get through this.

Thank you,

The Team at Oregon Mountain Community