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Voile Straps with Nylon Buckles

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Tough, versatile, and nearly indispensable, the Voile Strap is a simple yet ingenious device with nearly limitless uses. One of the best ski straps ever, they can be used to hold bundles of firewood, garden hoses, strap gear onto backpacks or bike frames, all done quicky and reliably. The strength of the strap also make the Voile strap a great addition to repair kits; broken ski or snowshoe bindings, ski boot buckles, crampon straps - it has even been used as a "get back home" repair on broken bike frames! If you have several sizes, shorter ones can be added together to make one strap long enough for your needs. It makes little difference if you think the next apocalypse is brought by zombies, four horsemen, or nuclear bombs, your survival kit should have several Voile straps included.

  • UV resistant stretch polyurethane strap
  • Nylon buckle is non-marring, non-conductive, and non-reflective. And of course, tough
  • Works in water, dirt, mud, or snow
  • Secure, bundle, or repair. Limitless uses
  • Daisy chain them to make longer straps
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