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Vauhti Skin Care Red

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You know how your carpets get dirty and a good vacuum cleaning makes a difference? And then there's spring mud season, and you know you have to do more to get the carpet cleaned! The same thing happens to your skin skis. They're fine in new clean snow but when the snow is old and dirty, skin skis get contaminated and slow. Worse than becoming simply slow, often the grip is less as well. Time for a treatment more substantial such as using Skin Care Red from Vauhti. No, the Red isn't for Condition Red, it is reflective of the traditional color coding for matching ski wax to conditions.

  • For wet and dirty snow, also damp new snow
  • Air temperature range +10/-5ºC (50/23 °F)
  • Reduces the build-up of impurities from the ski tracks to skin strips, and prevents the risk of icing of skin strips, thus maintaining and improving both grip and glide of the skin skis
  • 80ml bottle with sponge applicator
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