Vauhti Pure Race Wet Liquid Ski Glide Wax

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Equivalent to very high fluoro race wax but without any fluorocarbon, Vauhti Pure Race are wax and care products that offer performance to meet the highest requirements of a competition oriented skier. PURE Race liquid glide waxes have hiqh quality hydrocarbons, zinc stearate and silicone waxes in organic solvents with optimal performance on old and artificial snow. Best durability when used on top of liquid Pure base wax.

  • for wet and damp snow, +10°C/-1°C (50°F/30°F)
  • applicator allows a thin and even coating without use of tools
  • 80ml bottle can treat up to 12-20 pairs of skis
  • Completely free of fluorine but equivalent to high fluoro ski wax
  • Apply, let dry completely, brush out, then go fast