Vauhti Pure Pro Cold Race Ski Glide Wax - 45g

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Equivalent to a very high fluoro race wax but without any fluorocarbon, the Pure Pro ski waxes offer performance that meet the requirements of a competitive skier. In development for years, Vauhti Pure Pro will set the standard for race waxes without a fluorine content. Based on World Cup level products, this will provide speed and durability unknown before the use of fluorocarbon content. Solid form requires use of an iron to apply and provides excellent durability. A top level of performance is now available to those competing in venues that ban the use of fluoro waxes.

  • For cold snow -2 to -20°C (28 to -4°F)
  • Low iron temperature for safe application
  • 45 gram solid
  • Completely free of fluorine