Vauhti Pure Kit Skin Ski and Glide

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Skin skis can be easy to use but they will perform best with some care. With the Skin Ski Kit from Vauhti's Pure line, that level of care for great performance is kept easy. Liquid products are fast to apply and don't require any tools such as irons, scrapers, or even waxing benches.

The Pure Skin Clean and Glide treats the skin insert by gently cleaning any contaminates, and after wiping down the excess a layer of lubricant will remain. The glide zones of the ski can be treated with Pure One Mid liquid glide wax, a glide wax with a wide operating range that really shines as the snow gets damp.

  • Includes one 80ml bottle of Pure Mid Glide wax for the glide zones
  • Includes one 80ml bottle of Pure Skin Clean and Glide to treat the skin insert
  • The liquid carrier will not cause any delamination of the skin insert
  • Apply Clean and Glide to skin then wipe off extra with included cloth
  • Sponge on Pure One Mid glide wax, let dry, buff with cloth