Swix VP45 Pro Blue/Violet Kick Wax - 45g

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Don't cry over having to let go of your fluoro kick waxes, welcome the next generation of high performance and environmentally safe choices from Swix. VP45 has evolved from the great V45 and VR45 Violet Special grip waxes, and it is very likely once you use it you won't be crying at all. Unless it is from tears of joy. Or because you're going fast and forgot to put on eyewear.

  • For new and new fallen fine-grained snow from -1°C to -5°C (30°F to 25°F)
  • Old/partly transformed snow from -3°C to -8°C (27°F to 18°F)
  • Formulated for racing but will also appeal to any XC skier who enjoys fast skis
  • Nothing new about application, thin layers corked out smooth!
  • 45g tin