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Swix T18W Merino Wool Roto Brush - 100mm

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No, Swix isn't trying to recycle old bedroom slippers. Nor are they suggesting that your ski bases need a soft and loving caress. This fluffy rotobrush made of Merino wool fleece is the latest in applying ski paraffins to the ski base, or for a final treatment before skiing. Many solid type ski glide waxes are made for application onto the ski base using this rotobrush, and almost all liquid application glide waxes seem to improve in performance after a good fleecing.

  • Fits 100mm roto tool handles with hexagonal shafts
  • The optimal tool for applying Swix Marathon waxes, and for many of the Swix non-fluoro glide waxes
  • A fleece rotobrushing can optimize performance of liquid glide waxes
  • The merino wool is very thick, and may not fit on some rotobrush handles with a dust cover
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