Start Oslo Kick Wax

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Developed for the changing conditions often found in Norway, Start Oslo kick waxes are a witch's brew to handle difficult conditions. One part klister and 2 parts hardwax, plus Moly, Fluor, and Tar. This brew can bring magic to challenging conditions!

  • When the ski track has a wild mix of snow crystals and track conditions, this is a must test
  • Tar additive expands the range and provides excellent anti-icing properties
  • Very broad range, especially good in glazing conditions
  • Cover with a speed coat such as Start FHF to create a winning combination when others struggle
  • 45g tin
  • Special Purple for +2º...-3ºC (36°...27°F)
  • Extra Blue for -2º...-8ºC (28°...18°F)
  • Super Green for -7º...-15ºC (19°...5°F)