Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall Cup 600

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The Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall Cup 600 is a winter camper's dream mug. This Double Wall insulation keeps 20 fluid ounces of hot cocoa HOT while protecting your hands. We like that the 600 mug provides 6 ounces more space than the Double Wall 400 so it can easily double as a bowl for soup, noodles or a mega-mug of tea and whiskey.

  • Holds 2½ cups of liquid
  • Double-wall Titanium construction allows insulation to keep your drink warm longer and protects your hands from warm beverages
  • Folding handles allow compact storage
  • Titanium sets the new standard for ultralight cookware, weighing only half as much as stainless-steel
  • Corrosion-resistant titanium will not add metallic smell or taste
  • Please note, double-wall construction is not suitable for cooking; do not place over an open flame or hot burner
  • Unfortunately, at this time, there is no Snow Peak plastic lid available for this mug
  • Made in Japan