Rundle Sport Rush Skate Rollerski

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Stable, tough, and affordable. A bit rule breaking - remember cheap/strong/light and choose two? - the Rush Skate Rollerski from Rundle Sport is one of the most affordable skate rollerskis available. While that's nice, what is really nice is that the Rush is light in weight, very strong, and unusually stable. Great choice for the person new to rollerskiing, but for Junior ski racers the stability and ruggedness make this nearly ideal for the demands of modern agility games. The innovative Short Fork Design (SFD) allows the shaft to be lowered, increasing stability. The torsional rigidity of the SFD provides great directional control for maximum performance during sprinting or agility games. Assembled in Canada.

  • Lowered shaft height for great stability.
  • Short Fork Design (SFD) is light, strong, and torsionally rigid
  • Custom shaft design has added clearance for skating
  • Pre-drilled for most rollerski specific bindings
  • 51mm top deck height
  • Wheelbase 620mm
  • Aluminum frame
  • 1670g/pair
  • Assembled in Canada