Rex RCF Pink UHW Liquid Ski Glide Wax

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Rex RCF Pink glide wax is reformulated with technology that makes application a no-iron ease, yet improves on skiing performance. A high fluor paraffin with outstanding speed in old. or artificial coarse snow. Also worth trying when the snow is new and very cold. Future Fluor technology is PFOA free, Power Polymers wax blend has great speed and the 2-step Carrier solvent is not only easy to apply but has outstanding durability. The UHW polymer results in a remarkably hard finish.

  • Great on any ski or snowboard
  • Amazing temperature range is between +5 to -20 ° C
  • 60ml bottle. Sponge on, let dry, brush smooth. Leaves a very hard finish
  • Future Fluor is PFOA free
  • RCF Pink is specific to use on coarse old or artificial snow