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Red Creek White Fine Nylon Ski Base Brush

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There was an earlier era of ski base tech work where this brush was considered highly specialized. The new era is likely to make this brush the most frequently used brush on your cross country skis. The soft but short nylon bristles used to be good for a final scrub of pure fluoro coatings. But with fluoro quickly disappearing from the ski wax world combined with the explosion of popularity of liquid application glide waxes, this is the best ski base brush to have.

  • Soft, fine, and short bristles is ideal for a finishing brush
  • For use on most liquid ski wax paraffins, the only brush you need
  • For ironed-in glide wax, use as a final polishing brush to create that pleasing shiny gleam
  • Red Creek titles this as the Racing Silver White Fine Nylon brush
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