Metolius PAS 22 Personal Anchor System

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The Metolius PAS 22 Personal Anchor System is designed to give the climber a high-strength anchor connection. The PAS's bar tacked loops offer a conveniently knot-free way to clean anchors or belay from a taut tie in.

  • Provides safe, convenient, adjustable attachment from the climber to anchor
  • Safer than daisy chains
  • Safer, more convenient and more adjustable than using slings or quickdraws at the anchor
  • Can be used for equalizing anchors
  • Stows compactly
  • Made of 11 mm (0.43") Dyneema Monster Sling webbing
  • Contrasting end loop color simplifies use
  • When not in use, leave it girth-hitched to your tie-in points, gather the extra loops and clip to the side for compact storage
  • CE/UIAA certified