Jetboil Joule Stove

Was: $199.95
Now: $174.95
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Jetboil ups the ante with the new Joule Stove System. Carry less fuel to base camp thanks to the combination of FluxRing® heat exchanger, fuel regulator and smart design which routes the fuel line to gently preheats fuel enabling a consistent flame below 0° F. Inverted fuel canister position ensures maximum fuel efficiency down to the last drop. As with all Jetboil systems, it packs down nice and neat inside its own 2½-liter pot.

  • FluxRing® heat exchanger system maximizes fuel efficiency; one of the best canister stoves even in cool conditions or at high altitude
  • Huge 2.5 liter (2 quart) FluxRing® pot is ready for group cooking and snow melting
  • Control valve regulates fuel pressure through an extra-large orifice jet inside the burner
  • Inverted canister position allows the Joule to use every last drop of butane
  • Fuel line design gently preheats fuel for maximum efficiency at altitude and/or in cold conditions
  • Updated valve offers improved flame adjustment including a chef worthy simmer
  • Metal walls surrounding the heat exchanger protect the coils from damage and allow the pot to latch securely to the stove