G3 Minimist Glide Climbing Skins

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Choosing the best climbing skins is a balancing act. Maximum grip is good, but not if they pack down so that you need a overnight backpack to carry them. Good glide usually bring efficiency but can be inefficient if you're slipping a lot. G3 knows all this and the result is their new G2 Minimist Glide climbing skin. The 70% mohair 30% nylon plush has great grip and glide, and is backed by a new material that is not only tough but allows the packed size and weight (up to 30% lighter) to improve markedly. A carbon fiber insert at the tip keeps snow from creeping underneath skis while in use. A removable rip-strip makes it easier to pull the skins apart, and if your glue gets contaminated it can be removed for extra adhesion. Stay balanced!

  • 70% mohair, 30% nylon
  • Tip attachment with carbon insert
  • Low profile elongated tail strap with reliable cam clip
  • Sizing: XS fits 150-166cm; S fits 161-171cm; M fits 172-188cm; L fits 183-199cm
  • New waterproofing is PFOA free