Fischer Speedmax Classic Rollerskis - Stiff

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Not just any rollerski can be called the Speedmax. Fischer truly ups the game in rollerski performance with their new Speedmax Classic Rollerski. Available in two flexes, the extremely light shaft with Fischer's Bridge Arch Shape provide a dampened road feel with great stability. Add to that the feel of a classic snow ski flex and you can almost feel the snowflakes hitting your cheeks. Following the latest trend in classic rollerskis, the wheels are also slightly wider than usual for comfortable stability. And while it was already mentioned, it needs to be repeated that these are light! Medium flex is for skiers under 170lbs, Stiff is for skiers over 170lbs. 

  • Rollerski stiffness tailored to skier weight of 170 lbs and above
  • Full carbon construction with a snow ski like camber
  • Slightly longer wheelbase of 745 mm means great tracking
  • Wheels are 70mm by 45mm, with SKS bearing
  • Shaft clearance of 31.5 mm