Exped Downmat TT 9 Winter Sleeping Mat

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Now: $209.95
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The Exped Downmat TT 9 is probably the worlds most durable and comfortable 4-season mat of a revolutionary new mat generation. Perfect for long term trips and expeditions. Individual air-tubes in an outer fabric shell increase safety and make this pad virtually indestructible. The pressure is not on on the tube seams but passed on to the outer shell so in the case of a puncture only an individual tube is affected and can easily be repaired or replaced. Certified 700 fill goose down, hydrophobic treated, IDFB certified. Proved FlatValve technology: Combined inflation/deflation valves with one-way flap. Flat design, non-protruding, robust.

  • 3-D construction
  • Durable and breathable fabric
  • Individually adjustable
  • Included Pump Packsack with Octopus-Adapter