Exped Chair Kit - Fall 2017

Was: $99.00
Now: $79.95
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The Exped mat converts your pad into a chair. Converts quickly from a chair to sleeping mat without the need to get up, just loosen the straps and open the quick release buckles.

  • Fits to: DownMat TT 9 M, DownMat XP 9 M, DownMat 9 M, SynMat TT 9 M, DownMat UL Winter M, SynMat UL Winter M, SynMat UL M, SynMat UL Lite M, AirMat HL M, SIM UL M, DownMat 7 M, SynMat 9 LW, SynMat 7 M, SynMat 3-D 7 M, DownMat Lite 5 M, SynMat Lite 5 M, AirMat Lite 5 M, SIM 3.8 M terracotta, SIM 3.8 M black, SIM 5 M terracotta, SIM 5 LW terracotta, SIM Lite 3.8 M, SIM Comfort 5 M, SynCellMat 5 M.