Downunders Athletic Footbeds - Purple


Downunders Athletic (Purple) footbeds are a non rigid full contact support system for your foot. Almost like that comfortable feeling when walking barefoot in sand. Comfort comes from the force being spread out over a larger area, stability comes the ergonomically positioned contours.

  • Constructed of EVA and PE foam, the Athletic/Purple footbed is light, supportive, and over a short break in period will self-mold to your foot
  • Dynamic heel cup: the deep heel pocket captures a large area of the calcaneus (heel bone) and its fat pad, centering heel position and cupping the pad to spread forces out and protect from injury
  • Forefoot arch support: Tear Drop bubble bolsters the natural transverse (metatarsal) arch shape, supporting the complex structure of the forefoot by separating the metatarsals and soft tissue in between
  • Self molding Active Arch: longitudinal arch contour provides neutral support to the arch without making the foot rigid. Normal and healthy pronation is facilitated while limiting over-pronation
  • Easily trimmed with scissors to fit inside shoes