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Rode Racing Fluoro-Free Ski Glide Wax - 180g

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  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Rode Racing  Fluoro-Free Ski Glide Wax - 180g
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The search for fluoro-free ski glide waxes with race level performance has led to an explosion of new ideas and formulations. And yet it is a decades old brand, Rode from Italy, that has come up with some new and remarkable – and of course secret – ingredients to supercharge glide wax speed. Although liquid glide waxes are proving ever more useful, overall performance is still enhanced when using good old ironed in hot waxes. These glide waxes from Rode bring all the performance, with added benefit of being surprisingly affordable.

  • 180g packages
  • Yellow for air temperature: -1C ° to + 10C °, iron temperature 130C °
  • Red for air temperature: 0C ° to -5C °, iron 140C °
  • Violtet for air temperature: -3C ° to -10C °, iron 150C °
  • Blue for air temperature: -8C ° to -18C °, iron 160C °
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