Black Diamond Ultralight Express Ice Screw

$74.95 - $84.95
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The Black Diamond Ultralight Express Ice Screw cuts through ice like a hot knife through butter and cleans just as easily. A slightly tapered tube design and redesigned tooth geometry sink the Black Diamond Express Ice Screw in on the first turn to keep you from getting pumped silly.

  • Coffee-grinder style handle on top offers uninterrupted 360° motion for quick and ergonomic placements
  • Advanced tooth geometry for easier starting and faster placement
  • Aluminum & Chromoly screw
  • Stainless steel hangers with two clip points
  • Improved hangers now feature two clip in points for easy anchor building and gear sorting on multi-pitch or alpine ice routes
  • Available in 5 lengths, color-coded for quick indexing
  • 10 kN (2,248 lbf) strength
  • CE certified, patented