Backcountry Access T2 Rescue Package

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The T2 Rescue Package from BCA is recommended as their best choice entry level basic avalanche safety kit. But when you look at the components, we would argue that it would take a specialist or professional to find any reason to every replace any part! Nothing here is entry level. Starting with the long standing Tracker 2, a reliable and easy to use 3 antenna digital avalanche beacon. The B-1 EXT shovel is tough and can be used for making snow caves, igloos, or kickers. Kinda fun to drop a shovel full of fluff on your friends head as well. The Stealth 27 probe is extremely quick to deploy and has etched depth markings for measuring victim depth, and for quick snow layer assessments. 

  • Tracker 2 beacon has search strip width of 50 meters
  • Battery life of minimum 1 hour search after 200 hours transmit
  • Multiple burial indicator, close proximity indicator, and auto revert mode
  • Shovel length 22 inches collapsed, 28.75 inches extended
  • Probe is 8 foot 10 inches extended, 17.7 inches collapsed

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