Asolo Arctic Gv Insulated Hiking Boot - Men's

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Cold and icy winter weather just doesn’t keep some people cooped up inside, and those hardy outdoor adventurers will likely appreciate footwear like the Asolo Arctic Gv. Tough materials are also light and quick drying, the Gore-tex Insulated Comfort lining keeps feet both warm and dry, and the Vibram Arctic Grip sole technology keeps one upright when the walking surface tries to bring you down. Recco reflectors can aid SAR operations that use RECCO detectors to find you if you’re lost. Hiking on slippery and icy trails, kicking steps in roadside snowbanks, hours out wearing snowshoes, and of course navigating city streets covered in freezing rain. Don’t stay inside, but be assured your feet can take you where you want.

  • Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort lining keeps heat in and snow and ice out
  • Vibram Arctic Grip sole is unparalleled on slippery ice and snow surfaces
  • Mono density EVA midsole offers durable cushioning and is light in weight
  • PU rubber rand rebuffs the worst abrasion from crusty snow
  • Made in Europe